Verona Bike Tours is the original project by which was started the tour operator Veronality.

The founders Matteo and Andrea, were born and raised in Verona, and they are also friends since forever. They decided to run Verona Bike Tours in 2011 to help you discover their beautiful city in a fun and unconventional way, by bike. So, year by year, they created an authentic team of local experts, passionate about food, wine, art, culture, bike and Vespa.

Our aim is to make you live a real Italian experience! Nowadays Veronality can count on a staff of over 15 people, an Info Point, a Cooking School, and a very furnished garage of bikes, electric bikes, vintage vespas, scooters and minivans.

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Need a personalized experience? Contact us, we will create a tailor made solution for an amazing tour of Verona and the surrounding area!